~ Economy ~

The economy on AlternateCraft is unique from other servers is several key ways.

This article describes some main features you should be aware of to help you thrive financially.

» Green is Good

Lilypads == cash.

Find 'em, fish 'em, borrow 'em off a friend, then put them in your account with /deposit or /d

Likewise, you can turn your cash back into lilies with /withdraw

To see how many you have, try /balance or /bal, and to snoop around try /baltop!

» Advancements are Big Bucks

Earning advancements can be a bit of a challenge, so we've decided to make it a bit more rewarding!

Each advancement pays 15 × ( 1.05n ), where n is the number of advancements you have so far (exponentially increasing).

Finishing all the advancements gives an additional 1000L.

» Server is Limited (well, kinda)

Unlike most servers, AlternateCraft has it's own bank account with a finite amount of cash.

This means every time you receive money from voting, logging on, etc., the server lost that money.

The reasoning behind this is to create a more realistic and stable economy where if sometime finds a bug that enables them to embezzle massive amounts of cash from the server the damage is limited to a certain degree. If the server ever happens to run out of money, it is unable to pay players until it has money in its account again.

» AdminShop is Limited

A logical extension to the paragraph above, this simply means items sold in the AdminShop are finite, and not created by the server on-demand. For more details on where these items come from, check out the Renewable plugin.

» How Do I Make Money?

Various methods include Voting, logging on daily, advancements, and trading with other players.

Occasionally, the server will also pay people (under direction by an admin) for helping out in other various ways, such as building infrastructure (like a new Spawn, arena, prison, etc), reporting cheaters, or finding/creating helpful tools, plugins, redstone, etc.

» How Can I Spend Money?

Money can be used at the aforementioned AdminShop and as a tool to facilitate trading with other players.

It is also needed to run certain commands such as /advertise*, /repair, /hm i, and /weather.

You are also charged a small fee for generating new chunks in the world; this is to help keep the world-size manageable, and it won't affect you unless/until you travel very far from spawn (>3000 blocks).

* MysteryPeaks is the world-name for the 'NewWorld' server's BiomeBundle map

* Inappropriate advertisements will be removed and not refunded