Essentials, Factions, Multiverse-Core, Chairs, WorldEdit, Votifier, Eventials, Votifier, ChatManager, MordorSword, Renewable, BookManager, DropHeads, SilkSpawners, EnchantBook, HorseOwners, EvNoCheatPlz, OpenTerrainGenerator.

...and others I forgot. Log in and use /pl for the complete list

Major plugins that affect normal gameplay:

  • Essentials- /home, /spawn, /tpa,... basic good stuff

  • DropHeads- Kill players or animals with an axe (or other weapon) for a chance to get heads

  • Factions- Used for land and chest protection, and for organizing players into teams

  • BookManager- Lets you unsign (your) books, copy books, and save books to a file using /savebook

  • SilkSpawners- Mine and collect spawners using a silk touch pickaxe for an amazing grinder or trap!


More info over in Google Drive.