What We Expect from You:
  • No racist slang, swearing, profanity, or otherwise cancerous vocabulary. Do not attempt to circumvent the chat filter.
  • Do not persecute others based on beliefs, culture, or anything else
  • Keep it PG-13
  • No unprovoked griefing (demolishing or trashing out someone's build*). Please see the "Provocations" section for acceptable provocations.
  • Please report anyone breaking these rules to the moderation team.
* Griefing = Destroying/Leveling someone's base
* Raiding = Theft/Looting a natural structure or inactive player base (without griefing it)
* Even if a base seems abandoned, ask an admin before looting. Natural structures are of course always fair game.

In order to keep the server friendly, but allow people to compete and fight each other for resources and prestige, we introduce the concept of provocations.
You are allowed to grief or raid another player or group of players (a faction) if you have been provoked in one of the ways we outline here.
These are the only acceptable provocations; trying to use other excuses is not acceptable and administrative action will be taken. If you feel like you have been harassed or that someone has broken the rules, that means that the other party has broken the rules and you should report it immediately to the moderation team to make sure the correct administrative action is taken as soon as possible. We don't want these kind of people on the server to begin with.
Document everything about a provocation. Tell the moderation team (feel free to ping @Moderator on Discord) to make sure they know about the provocation.

Note: these were previously very loosely defined on the old Torncraft, but the rules are different here, so please be sure to properly follow them.
This has previously been a sore spot in the rules, so please make sure to ask for a clarification if you are confused at any point. We have attempted to make everything as concrete as possible.

Acceptable provocations are:
  1. Declarations of War. If both parties have agreed to a declaration of war and that declaration is currently in effect.
    • War must be declared by the faction leader or by approval of the faction leader.
    • You can declare war by mailing the enemy faction leader in game (by using /mail) or in Discord. You must get approval from the enemy faction leader before proceeding.
    • The declarer of war must send documentation of approval to the moderation team. A screenshot of chat, or having the other person say in Discord or chat when a moderator is paying attention is acceptable.
    • A war can be ended at any time by any person on either party by mailing or telling the other faction leader in some other way that the war is to end. Documentation must then be sent to the moderation team. Both factions must then immediately stop any wartime activities like griefing or raiding, but are not required to return any loot or repair anything of course. A new war can be started any time as outlined above.
  2. Server Events. If a server event is currently occurring and griefing/raiding is allowed in the server event, then no documentation is required unless mandated by the event.
  3. Retaliation. If the other party has griefed/raided you, you should tell the moderation team so appropriate action can be taken. But if you wish to retaliate by griefing or raiding them, you can do so without asking them or the moderation team. The other party is not allowed to retaliate against you for the first retaliation and the moderation action may be taken in addition to the retaliation. Note that in this case, you should still report to admins that the other party griefed or raided you and document the event. You do not need to bilaterally agree to a declaration of war in this case.
Note that this means a faction leader has the responsibility for the safety of the faction's members, and members have the responsibility of choosing a faction with a good leader. Bad leaders may jeopardize the entire faction!
You are always free to make your own faction, but it's encouraged to form teams with others. (this is why we're playing multiplayer lol)

What You can Expect from Us:

  • Server Staff are obliged to be helpful, and should be willing to explain anything on the server that confuses you.
  • Admins are not allowed to go into creative mode (gm 1) during normal gameplay or to build personal structures.
  • Just like players, admins must follow the rules.
  • If you are having trouble or see another player doing something unlawful, use /mail admin to get help or report an incident
  • If you see staff members breaking rules, report the the owner by using /mail EvDoc [message]

Violations of these rules:

Any violations of these rules may lead to being kicked, banned, muted from the server (and affiliated communities/servers like the Discord server) or other administrative actions at the discretion of the moderation team.

Thank you for upholding these rules!  :D