What We Expect from You:
  • No racism, profanity, or otherwise cancerous vocabulary. Don't try to circumvent the chat filter.
  • Do not persecute others based on culture, personal beliefs, or anything else
  • Keep it PG-13
  • No unexcused griefing or raiding*
  • Please report anyone breaking these rules to the moderation team.
* Griefing = Destroying or vandalizing a build
* Raiding = Looting/Theft of items or valuables from a build
* Naturally generated structures are all fair game.

tldr: Don't be someone nobody wants to play with

Excusable Cases:
When it comes to griefing, player competition as inevitable in a public space such as AlternateCraft.
In order to maintain balance between players' freedom and the safety of their efforts we introduce the concept of provocations.
Retaliation is not the proper way to resolve conflict, but we will try and judge less harshly if there seems to be some justification.

Acceptable justifications for tampering with another person or their work:
  1. Declaration of War.  If both parties involved agree to muck it out, go for it.  We don't want to restrict how you play.  Some things to note:
    • All those involved must say "yes".  There is a difference between agreeing to fight and plain old bullying.
    • The agreement can happen in game, voice chat, discord, etc.  We don't care.  As long as everyone is informed and agrees.
    • Let us know.  Ahead of time.  Otherwise we can't distinguish between your actions and regular rule breaking.
    • If they say stop, you stop.  If the other side clearly is done, don't keep attacking.  Respect and sportsmanship are good values.
  2. Retaliation.  If you have been wrongfully griefed, in rare cases the staff may give you permission to retaliate against the aggressor instead of punishing them directly.  Do not assume you have this right.  Consult staff if another player has attacked you or your work.
  3. Server Events.  Rules can vary during certain server events, please refer to /rules to see if griefing/raiding is allowed.
Generally a faction leader is responsible for the actions and safety of members, so be careful to choose a faction with a good leader. Bad leadership can jeopardize the entire faction!
You are always free to make your own faction, but teaming is highly encouraged. (this is why it's multiplayer lol)

What You can Expect from Us:

  • Server Staff are obliged to be helpful, and should do their best to explain anything about the server that confuses you.
  • Admins are not allowed to use creative mode (gm 1) during normal gameplay or for personal build projects.
  • Everyone must follow the same rules.
  • If you need help or witness someone doing something they shouldn't, use /mail admin
  • If you see staff breaking the rules, report directly to the owner with /mail EvDoc


Violations usually lead to some form of in game punishment, mute, or tempban, based on the type and severity of the offense determined at the discretion of the moderators.  In extreme cases, miscreants may banned from the server and its affiliations such as the Discord chat.

Whew. Thank you for checking the rules!