IP: altcraft.net
  aliases: play.altcraft.net / altcraft.tk / alt-net.tk / gargle.ga

Server Description
  •  A BiomeBundle world (custom biomes/structures/etc.)
  •  A Superflat survival world (147 blocks deep, with structures/trees/etc.)
  •  A non-PlotMe creative world, Freebuild style!
  •  Custom Plugins, and we take requests!
  •  Teleportation: /spawn, /home, and /back
  •  Strives to be community-driven democracy
  •  Periodic Events with epic prizes and eternal fame!

Providing an alternate experience since 2012!

Google Drive Link  --  HYPE!!! Google drive folder (so you can snoop on everything we do).

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Make Dropbox Account
  --  Don't have Dropbox yet?  Get it here to give the server referral points! (More space for backups)

DynMap Link  --  HYPE!!!  Dynmap now installed on the server! Check it out below!  Currently unavailable (it caused lag)