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Mod Application?

Nowadays, players are always asking "Can I get mod?"
So to prevent a whole lot of misunderstanding and work on my part, I've put it here simply:

Before you can be a Mod, I need to know you (not just for a few days).
To be more precise, if you want to be a moderator, you must meet these requirements:
  • I need to know you, preferably in person (although there are exceptions)
  • It will be at least a few months before you can even begin being considered (so 5 minutes won't cut it :P)
  • Experienced with the game is a must, and strong social skills are preferred (be polite with players, even if they are being a pain)
  • You will need to have scrupulously upkept the rules
  • You may need to be prepared to give up survival/regular gameplay.
  • You will need to achieve a high enough score on the Alternate Moderator Quiz
  • Finally, you must be taken to the Chamber of Elevation, and sign the holy Moderator Code of Law :D

Good luck on your way to attaining moderator status!