Owner Biography

I am dedicated to server upkeep, including cleanliness, updates, & the periodic need for new plugins.
I am a Veteran Minecraft player, and have been at the game since sometime in August, 2012 ;D
Sometimes I have less time to play, but I will still check on the server every two days at minimum.
I am a developer, and have posted some plugins on bukkit.org if you want to check them out!
I greatly emphasize the importance of the server being:
  • Unique and fun to play, while still upholding some rules. (Some servers are no fun when you play by the rules! ;D)
  • Permitting people to be either sociable friends or hostile loners, with equal privileges.
  • Complicated enough to stay interesting, but so much as to completely bemuddle everyone!
  • And well-organized, with staff that do their job and a server that is well run overall.

Thanks for reading!

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Usernames/Aliases: Evil_Witchdoctor, EvModder, EvDoc(current)

Subpages (2): BukkitDev The Dark Side